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Type of Valuation

Pre-Accident Valuation

You will need a written independent pre accident valuation on your vehicle if you have a accident in your vehicle, or your vehicle is involved in an accident with another driver’s vehicle, if your vehicle is stolen, burnt, hail damaged, flood damaged. A valuation for Small Claim court, an accident with an uninsuranced person. Vehicle accident insurance payout not to your satisfaction.

Agreed Value

Agreed value is where an independently written valuation is required on a very original low kilometer vehicle, fully restored, highly modified street machine or when a bus is converted to a motor home, a van to a camper, a utility from a 4 wheel to a 6 wheel, a specially built 4 wheel drive with many extras. Don’t miss out! Have your vehicle inspected and have a written independent motor valuation done now.

Custom Value

We do custom written valuations for Personal and Commerical imports, Vintage, Classic, Prestige and modified vehicles from USA, Hong Kong, UK, Japan, SA, New Zealand, and Europe. Booking with custom re inspection is required through yourself or your Custom broker. (approved by Australian Custom).
Bookings for QMV and customs re inspection is required through yourself or broker.

Family Law

We can provide an independent written valuation for your motor vehicle, both passenger or commerical, motor bikes, motorhome camper, involved in divorce, separation, or any family property settlement. QMV will inspect and provide a written independent valuation within 24 hours were possible.

Estate Valuation

The Estate may require an independent written valuation on a vehicle that is to be sold and the proceeds divided, or for a member of the family wishing to buy a particular vehicle from the estate, or simply if the family would like to know what the vehicle, caravan, trailer, boat or motor bike is really worth (both the Market and Wholesale).

QMV will make it easier for your family.


Do you know what the current market value is on your vehicle, Caravan, Trailer, Boat, Camper, Motorhome or Motorbike?

Have you a current written independent valuation done for your very important assets. The valuation can be used for insurance pay out if stolen, burnt, or damaged in an accident, tax assets, selling your bussness with vehicles involved, finance and lease payouts.

Re-Sale & Pre-Purchase Valuations

What is the current market value of your car?

Are you paying or asking to much for your vehicle?

Have an independent written valuation and be sure.